Hi there!

We are James & Lori Townsend, photographers and videographers living in Dallas, Texas. 

We have been photographing all aspects of life for over six years.  We photograph toddlers, seniors, couples, families, brides, and weddings.  We absolutely love being able to capture special moments in time for people.  Time is fleeting and memories and pictures are all we have to take us back.  So we value each session as if it were our own and try to create a relaxed, enjoyable time for you in front of the camera.  

While we photograph together, James has a talent all his own.  He is the videographer in the family.  James has a unique ability to tell a story through film.  He was first hooked into videography when he started filming and editing highlight films for a local football team in 2003.  The creative flame was lit and he began branching out into storytelling, making promo & bumper videos, and graphic animation.

When we aren't behind a camera, I (Lori) am an elementary school teacher.  It keeps me plenty busy!  I like to sing, play the piano, craft, and write.  James is a youth minister at our church and loves woodworking, cooking, and finding new, unheard of musicians.  Together we enjoy hanging out with friends & family, long boarding, playing ultimate frisbee, disc golf, volleyball & softball.  We also LOVE the Texas Rangers & college football! 

Feel free to leave us a message on the Contact page.  We'd love to hear from you!